1206 Hubbard Street

The Barnett mansion at 25 East 1st Street

217 East 1st Street

The former Karpeles Manuscript Museum at 101 West 1st Street

The Klutho Apartments at 1930 Main Street

The St. Mary’s Episcopal Church at xxx Laura Street.

The Dr. Richard Daniel Residence at 1120 Hubbard Street

The Springfield Presbyterian Church at 207 West 6th Street

Jenkins Bar-B-Q at 1001 Main Street

Kirby-Smith Junior High School at xxx Hubbard Street

1100 Main Street

Looking west towards Hubbard Street along Hogans Creek.

The Market Street Bridge over Hogans Creek.

The Robert Naughton Ellis house at 24 East 2nd Street

The Henry John Klutho house at 30 West 9th Street

The C.E. Hillyer house at 154 West 6th Street