Built in 1927, 7117 Oakwood was the residence of George and Gertrude Doro in 1929. Doro owned the George Doro Fixture Company, Inc. on A. Philip Randolph Boulevard in the present day Sports and Entertainment District.

6959 Oakwood Street was completed in 1927 for siblings Middleton Graham, Mary and Jessie Darby. Middleton was general agent for the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Newark, NJ for Florida His sister Mary was the office secretary for the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Newark, NJ.

6683 Oakwood Street was complted in 1926 and occupied by Bertie “Burt” Frank and Jenny Andrews (1893-Burt was a carpenter at Merrill Stevens Shipbuilding Company who immigrated to the United States from England in 1911.

94 East 59th Street was completed in 1926. William Albert “Bill” and Wihelmina Hoffman were early owners of this property. Born in Eddyville, PA and a former Cleveland steel industry worker, Hoffman owned the W.A. Hoffman Company ornamental iron works at 1905 Jones Street. Wilhelmina was born in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

6673 Oakwood Street wa sbuilt in 1925. Joby Ottis and Laura Brown were early occupants who arrived in Jacksonville from Kentucky. A silent film theatre manager in 1920, Brown had become a theatrical supplies salesman by the time the couple resided on this property. Possibly financially impacted by the Florida real estate bust and Great Depression, the Browns had become lodgers in a Springfield rooming house by the 1930 census.

6657 Oakwood Street was built in 1928 for Ernest Waldo and Florence P. Curtis. Born in Massachusetts, Ernest was a surveyor, civil engineer and co-founder of Ellis, Curtis & Kooker.

6624 Oakwood Street was completed in 1926 for John T. and Etna G. Vinzant. Etna was a teacher employed by Miss Jacobs School & Kindergarten. After her death in 1935, John married a seamstress at downtown’s Levy’s department store named Ruby. At the time, Oakwood Street was known as Garden Circle.