5: 700 Block of West Union Street West Union Street may provide the best example of what we can look forward to at the Landing. Between the Bermuda grass, dirt, and shattered building foundations, it’s exactly what we can expect to see at the Landing for years or decades to come.

4: 300 Block of West Adams Street Downtown Jacksonville sure knows how to create an inviting space! With the fencing tastefully hidden behind native flora, the 300 block of West Adams features plenty of broken building pieces perfect for sunning your pet lizard. And don’t miss those amazing views of some of Downtown’s hottest parking garages!

3: Duval County Courthouse The Courthouse lawn is one of the premier green spaces in the city - and judging by this list, that’s really saying something! This picture was taken on a busy weekend, but trust us: it’s just as bustling all week long.

2: Hogans Creek Greenway After years of delays, the Hogans Creek Greenway is up and running! Combining the safety of a temporary chain link fence and the enduring aesthetic appeal of Bermuda grass, the Greenway could one day be expanded to connect all of Jacksonville’s grass fields.

1: Jacksonville Shipyards Field enthusiasts rejoice: Jacksonville has more empty lots in the Downtown Core than buildings. Between existing fields like the Shipyards and the new ones Mayor Curry is diligently working on at the Landing, Old Courthouse, and Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville will soon be home to twelve nearly continuous blocks of empty grass fields right on the waterfront. What other city can compare with that?

Mayor Curry is fond of saying “you won’t recognize Downtown when I’m done,” and we couldn’t agree more! Contact the mayor and City Council members to tell them how much you’re looking forward to Jacksonville’s next grass field!

Editorial by J.D. McGregor. Contact J.D. at jdmcgregorjax@gmail.com.