Zoning map, adopted by ordinance no. U-125, September 9, 1930. In conformity with the comprehensive city plan of Jacksonville, Florida. [Jacksonville, Fla. : Simons, 1930] Included in Comprehensive City Plan of Jacksonville, Supplement 1.

About George W. Simons, Jr.

George W. (Washington) Simons, Jr. was a prominent Jacksonville city planner in the early 20th century. His preparation of Florida’s first comprehensive municipal plan (Jacksonville, 1929) launched his professional career as a municipal consultant, and over a forty year period he was retained by over seventy municipalities to prepare city, county, regional and zoning plans, reports and studies. His plans for major Florida cities include: Tampa, Orlando, Pensacola, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami Beach.

Zoning map courtesy of the University of North Florida’s George Simons, Jr. Planning Collection at http://digitalcommons.unf.edu/simons/