1. A Jacksonvillian’s Loyalty Runs Deep

Source: Jacksonville Jaguars via Facebook

If you need proof: The Jacksonville Jaguars. While they’ve been disappointed with their home team more than a few times, they are still super passionate about them and super loyal to them. That tells you something about how they approach meaningful relationships.

2. Jacksonville Babes Keep Impeccable Beach Bods

Source: Flickr User gfred

With year-round gorgeous weather (except for maybe January), bikini season is also year round here. Plus, Jacksonville Beach is a hop, skip and jump away, so your Jacksonville boo makes sure to keep an extra bodacious beach bod. They love keeping in shape for all the impromptu beach trips and pool parties.

3. Southern Food Is Their Forte

Source: Maple Street Biscuit Company - Jacksonville Beach

You haven’t had incredible southern, soul food until you’ve eaten at all the great spots in Jax. Lucky for you, your Jacksonville boo will know all the sweet spots because they know a thing or two about southern fare. They’re sure to take you to Maple Street Biscuit Company for the best biscuits on the planet, Mojo Bar-B-Que for mouth watering pulled pork and if you’re lucky, Soul Food Bistro at The Potter’s House for perfectly executed fried chicken and collard greens. And you thought everyone in Jacksonville ate salads all the time to keep their hot bods. Not even close.

4. Jacksonville Locals Will Teach You All About The Microbrewery Scene

Source: Flickr User Perfectance

Your love of beer will grow while dating a Jacksonville local, and that’s definitely a good thing, right? They’ll take you to Bold City Brewery, Intuition Ale Works, Green Room, River City, Aardwolf, Seven Bridges…. and all their favorite places to get the tastiest microbrews in the city. They’ll even take you to Engine 15 Brewing in Jacksonville Beach to brew your very own brew together. You’ll find yourself chilling out in brick-walled, laid back tap rooms and you’re going to love it.

5. A True Jacksonvillian Will Show You How To Chill Out Like A Pro

Source: Flickr user Gareth Williams

Jacksonville might be the 13th largest city in the country, but there’s still 22 miles of gorgeous coastline. This means there’s a little bit of relaxed beach bum in all of the locals here. Unwinding is easy here with the beautiful weather, and just across the ditch is the tranquil sound of the ocean.

6. Jacksonville S.O.’s Will Introduce You To The Whole Fam Damily

Source: Flickr User Machine is Organic

Jacksonville might be a large city, but it still has southern roots. Family is a big part of life here and they’ll make sure to parade you around to the whole family as soon as you’ll agree. Don’t worry, they are super friendly and will make you feel at home immediately.

7. Everything You Do Will Be Near Or On The Water

Source: Riverside Arts Market via Facebook

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but Jax locals are water babies to the core. If they’re not surfing and kayaking, they’re fishing and boating. Get ready to spend a lot of time in and around the water.

8. Jax Sweeties Are Known For Wining And Dining

Source: Visit Jacksonville via Facebook

While your Jacksonville sweetie knows how to relax, chill out and be a beach bum, they also have a taste for the finer things, and they know how to wine and dine you with absolute class. They clean up nice, too.

9. Jacksonvillians Are Always Stylin’

Source:The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Facebook

Jacksonville knows fashion. Your sweetie probably gets some inspiration from First Coast Fashion Week or Jacksonville Fashion Week…. but even if they don’t, just living here gives them a one-up on stylish digs. From super elegant to perfect hipster, whatever their fashion style, it’s unique and all their own.

10. You’ll Always Have A Workout Buddy

Source: Flickr User Perfectance

This is why you can always eat delicious Southern food and drink beer: the couple that works out together, stays [in shape] together. From running, yoga, surfing, crossfit, biking and hitting the gym on the regular, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get hot and sweaty with your sweetie.

11. A Jacksonville Darling Will Never Miss A Good Party

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There’s always a great party in Jacksonville and your sweetie will know where the best ones are happening. From fashionable events and concerts to hip beach parties, festivals and swanky lounges, you’ll be dancing the night away - often.

12. They Know How To Run A Business

Source: Giphy.com

Your Jacksonville lover may just run their own business and be exceptional at it. Jacksonville was rated “Best U.S. City to Start a Business” in 2014 by the WalletHub and the Kauffman Foundation ranked it the most business friendly city in Florida in 2013. You can say “Honey, you’re so boss” and really mean it.

13. But They Know When To Take A Day Off

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Just because they run their own business doesn’t mean they don’t know when to stop. They’ll make the time to spend with you, because they realize that you’re worth it.

14. A Jacksonville Sweatheart Will Never Make You Go To Orlando

Source: Giphy.com

The traffic, the tourists, the mouse—it’s all just so stressful. It’s all good though, because they’re happy just hanging out with you in Jacksonville and they’ll never make you go to Orlando if you don’t want to. Everyone knows Jacksonville is better anyway.

15. They’ll Treat You To A Romantic Stroll During A Gorgeous Jacksonville Sunset

Source: Flickr User JLStrickland

One of the best things about having a sweetie from Jacksonville is that there will be countless romantic strolls along the beach underneath the setting sun. Don’t forget the bottle of wine and wine opener to make it even more special.

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