1. Mount Herman Elementary School in Durkeeville

  2. Caroline Street and Broad Street (present day FSCJ Downtown Campus)

  3. Emmet Reed Center in Durkeeville

  4. 16th Street and Jupiter Avenue in New Springfield

  5. S-Line railroad tracks near Davis in Sugar Hill

  1. Spruce Street and Jackson Street in Brooklyn

  2. 13th Street near the new Stanton High School in Durkeeville

  3. Forest Street and Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn

  4. Price Street and Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn

  5. Riverside Avenue and Rosselle Street in Brooklyn

  1. The Southbank’s Treaty Oak Park

  2. Post Street and King Street in Riverside

  3. 15th Street and St. Clair Street in Allendale

  4. Palafox Street near 13th Street in Durkeeville


  1. Amazon Avenue & Lucoma Drive in Pickettville





  1. Beach at Emerson Street Expressway

  2. Ocean and Forsyth in Downtown

  3. Hogans Creek between Springfield and Sugar Hill

  4. San Jose Boulevard

  5. A study from 1970 on improving the Phoenix neighborhood. Still waiting 45 years later for implementation….

  6. Aerial of NE section of Springfield Historic District

  7. The new 20th Street Expressway at Liberty Street in New Springfield

  8. Springfield railyard between Springfield and Phoenix

  9. Map showing urban core and suburbs in 1970.

  10. Incompatible land uses were the norm for working class Jacksonville neighborhoods.


  1. Clark Street in Springfield


  1. Julia and Orange Streets (present day FSJC Downtown campus)

  2. Houston Street in LaVilla

  3. 5th Street and Francis Street in Durkeeville

  4. Chenango Boulevard in Pickettville

  5. Park and Dancy Streets in Avondale

  6. Avondale Shopping Center (St. Johns Avenue) in Avondale

  7. Roosevelt Boulevard

  1. Beach Boulevard

  2. Beach and Atlantic in St. Nicholas

  3. University Boulevard and Philips Highway

  4. Train blocks University Boulevard just west of Philips Highway

  5. Herring Road and Belford Road mobile home park in Tiger Hole

  6. Abandoned truck on Acme Street in Arlington

  7. Arlington Road and University Boulevard in Arlington

  8. Merrill and Cesery in Arlington

  9. Blight in Talleyrand

  10. Soutel and Kings near Sherwood Forest

  1. 1st Street South and 3rd Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach

  2. Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach

  3. 1st Street South & 4th Avenue South in Jacksonville Beach

  4. Atlantic Boulevard (Beaches Town Center)

  5. Phelps and Ionia in the Springfield

Source: Jacksonville Area Planning Board - 1970

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at edavis@moderncities.com