Overall design of proposed I-95 Overland Bridge Project. Click on image to enlarge.

Traveling southbound, I-95 drivers who wish to access Atlantic Boulevard and Philips Highway, will exit in the vicinity of the Main Street Bridge. Main Street Bridge drivers headed to southbound I-95 will no longer be able to access Hendricks Avenue.

Previous proposals for the replacement of the Overland Bridge called for significant areas of fill to be added. The current proposal indicates that constructing a new bridge will be more affordable than previous alternatives.

The proposed Atlantic Boulevard interchange will include a new flyover for I-95 drivers traveling east to Atlantic Boulevard.

The issue of designing new roadways properly for all modes of transportation continues to be a struggle in Jacksonville. The current configuration indicates that no bicycle facilities will be included along Atlantic Boulevard, making connectivity between San Marco and St. Nicholas a dangerous proposition for cyclists. Plans indicate as much as six lanes (11’-12’ each in width) being provided for automobiles, including dual left turn lanes at the Atlantic Boulevard and Kings Avenue intersection. How are is it to provide ten additional feet for the safety of bicyclist?

The proposed I-95 interchange with Philips Highway and Kings Avenue has been improved, strengthening connectivity between Philips Highway and San Marco.

Proposed I-95 widening south of Philips Highway.

The Evolution of the Overland Bridge Project

2009 Plan (click on image to enlarge)

2010 Plan (click on image to enlarge

2012 Plan (click on image to enlarge

Construction is set to begin in January 2013 with a 2016 completion date. If you are interested in petitioning FDOT to not to leave out design and installation of bicycle lanes and or bicycle facilities for the Overland Bridge Project at the interchange of I-95 and Atlantic Boulevard, the deadline for public comments in Friday, November 9, 2012. All interested persons are encouraged to contact or send an email to Craig Teal, P.E. at the Florida Department of Transportation.

Craig Teal, P.E., Project Manager Florida Department of Transportation 1109 s Marion Avenue, MS 2002 Lake City, Fl 32025-5874 (386) 961.7703 or (800)749.2967 Craig.teal@dot.state.fl.us

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