Regarding the conveyance - a fancy word for “free gift” - of the Snyder Memorial Church building to the Fire & Police Pension Fund, the Mayor backed down on Tuesday night - and just in the nick of time. Right before City Council met this past Tuesday to vote on approval of the conveyance/gift, Peyton pulled the Snyder building out of the deal. We can only think it is because of the pressure he had started to receive from groups such as this one. So Peyton changed his mind again. And we are glad to hear it.

I know many people have called Peyton a flip-flopper -- one who just cannot make up his mind on issues. I think part of the reason is he is just an ineffective leader in general. I think a larger reason though is that he is surrounded by a good old boy system and advisors who subscribe to this backwater form of government. So they tell him, "Yeah, it would be OK to just give this property one will care." And he follows their advice and it blows up in his face again. But still, it is his fault. He chose his advisors and every day makes a decision whether to continue following their advice.

Getting back to the idea of just giving city land away. A free gift here and there - why should the taxpayers care? Especially with a huge surplus in our county budget. We do still have that surplus, right? Oh yeah - that was under the last mayor. Synder Fun Fact: The city is getting raped by contractor J. Register Co., Inc. who is replacing the roof of the historic building. They are only charging the city $385,000.00. For a roof replacement.

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